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Orsk Industrial Exhibition - 2018

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 17.10.2018 - 18.10.2018 

City: Orsk - information about city
Holder(s): SibExpoService
Topic(s): Industrial Exhibitions.




Exhibition Sections:

  • Metalworking:
    • metal-cutting equipment
    • forging press equipment
    • foundry equipment
    • welding equipment
    • equipment, tools, materials, technologies for surface treatment and coating
    • metal cutting tools
    • control and measuring machinery, instruments and tools
    • completing units and products, technological equipment, spare parts, repair, software
    • scientific and technical projects, technological and design developments, production management
    • modern materials for metal-working
  • Machine building:
    • products of machine building enterprises for the needs of industry
    • engine building
    • electrical equipment
    • communications means
    • hydraulics and pneumatics
    • additive technology
    • welding equipment and materials
    • means and methods of corrosion protection
    • Instrumentation and Metrology equipment
    • lubrication equipment, coolant
    • industrial safety
    • information security
    • professional training
    • investment projects, leasing
  • Chemistry, oil and gas:
    • raw materials for the chemical and petrochemical industry
    • basic and inorganic chemistry
    • agricultural chemistry, fertilizers, means of plant protection
    • oil and gas processing and petrochemical industry
    • polymeric materials
    • varnishes, paints, coatings
    • industrial gases
    • fillers
    • low-tonnage chemistry
    • analytical and laboratory equipment, instruments
    • chemical reagents, catalysts
    • automation of laboratory research
    • industrial pump and compressor equipment
    • industrial valves, actuators and engines
    • technological equipment, lines and installations for businesses
    • instrumentation, tools and automation

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