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SmolBuild - 2017

4th Annual Specialized Exhibition of Construction Technology, Building Materials, Architecture and Design

Date: 11.05.2017 - 12.05.2017 

City: Smolensk - information about city
Holder(s): LLC "CentrElectroSvyaz"
Topic(s): Building and real estate.




Venue: Cultural exhibition centre named Denisevich

Participation in the "SmolBuild" gives you:

  • Communication of the representatives of manufacturers and customers
  • Confirm the image of the company
  • Reaching the largest audience of specialists from the construction industry
  • Effective positioning of new products in the regional construction market
  • Promotion of specific products and services, and as a result - growth of sales

Exhibition Sections:

  • Wall materials:
    • all kinds of materials for walls for low - and high-rise construction
    • gas-silicate blocks
    • lintels
    • ceramic blocks and partitions, ferroconcrete items
  • Facing materials for the house:
    • materials for facade facing of houses, residential buildings, and also buildings and production household goods
    • bricks, tiles, siding
    • materials from natural and artificial materials
  • Roofing materials and chimney systems:
    • metal tile
    • profiled sheet
    • ceramic, sand and cement, composite tiles
    • natural slate
    • membrane
    • roofing films
    • insulation materials
    • drainage system
  • Plumbing. Interiors of bathrooms:
    • plumbing for private and multi-storey buildings
    • furniture and interior elements for bathrooms
  • Construction mixtures, colored grout and glue:
    • construction mixtures for the work in winter and summer season
    • grouting for facade bricks, facade tiles and decorative elements
  • Stone:
    • natural and artificial stone for facing the basement of the building facade, and also for decoration of the interior
  • Paint and coating:
    • paints for internal and external works, for all kinds of surfaces
    • cover to protect different types of materials from aging, wear and external impact
  • Wallpaper:
    • wallpapers from various types of materials
    • natural and artificial types of wallpaper
  • Forged products:
    • goods for interior decoration and finishing areas
  • Construction from natural wood:
    • construction of houses, garden houses and baths from the natural timber
    • woodwork
  • Tools and fasteners:
    • various kinds of fasteners for wood, metal and plastic constructions
  • Doors, gates and automation:
    • entrance and interior doors, gates
    • mounting and protection systems for doors and gates
  • Window and architectural decorative elements:
    • wooden and plastic windows, roof windows
    • decorative elements for interior and exterior of different types of materials
  • Interiors and design:
    • design of interior and exterior of the house
    • decorative elements
    • design novelties
  • Decorative light and electrical:
    • lighting design house
    • chandelier
    • sconce
    • floor lamps
  • Paving stones:
    • ceramic and cement-sand paving stone
    • outdoor tiles different colors and shapes
  • Systems of drain and drainage:
    • systems of surface water drain, plums materials for strengthening and protection of soil
  • Road-building machinery and equipment for refining of city roads:
    • equipment for construction of roads and construction of objects, machines for the cleaning of roads and protection against snow and ice
  • Apartments and houses:
    • supply of apartments in Smolensk and the Smolensk region
    • construction of houses in cottage settlements of materials from economy to luxury class

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