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Industrial Week - 2018

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 21.11.2018 - 23.11.2018 

City: Astana - information about city
Holder(s): "Pem Fair" Exhibition center, a Member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, UFI Member (World Association of Exhibition Industry)
Topic(s): Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry. Industrial Exhibitions.




Venue: Exhibition centre "Korme"

The benefits of participation in the exhibition:
- establish new business contacts: direct access to managers of industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- possibility of presentation of your advantage to the customers of your competitors and the reason to remind about yourself for your partners;
- ability to imagine the right audience for new projects and activities of Your company;
- organization of individual meetings with the heads of engineering companies and the military-defense industry of the Republic on the platform of the exhibition - "Business contacts exchange".

Exhibition Sections:

  • Energy and energy efficiency:
    • equipment, technology and services for the production and transmission of electricity
    • high-voltage and low-voltage equipment, protective devices and equipment
    • electrical and electric equipment
    • converters, transformers, transformer substations
    • cable and cable fittings
    • industrial lighting, light sources, led lighting
    • energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies and equipment
    • alternative energy sources
  • Oil. Gas. Chemistry:
    • geology of oil and gas
    • development, construction and operation of oil and gas wells
    • oilfield services and drilling
    • development and production of oil and gas
    • transportation, gathering and storage of petroleum products and gas
    • oil and gas refinery, petrochemicals
    • construction of oil and gas industry
    • piping and valves
    • analytical and laboratory equipment
    • pumps, compressors, actuators and engines
    • environmental, industrial, fire and information security
  • Metalworking. Welding:
    • products engineering enterprises for industry
    • metalworking, welding equipment and materials
    • control and measuring equipment
    • systems of automatic designing
    • software products for the organization and production management
    • laser equipment
    • generator and compressor equipment
    • lubrication and coolant
    • components and materials, technical equipment
  • Mine:
    • design and underground construction
    • excavation, preparation and stripping
    • mining, construction shoring
    • bookmark workings
    • haulage, transport, logistics, warehouse
    • mine ventilation, climate, drainage
    • open development
    • processing plant
    • measuring instruments
    • pneumatic and hydraulic tools
    • reinforcing equipment
    • chains, ropes and fasteners
    • products from rubber and plastic

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