Russian Industrialist - 2021, November 10 - 12, St. Petersburg

Equipment - Oil. Gas. Chemistry - 2021

Specialized Exhibition of Equipment, Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry, Oil Refining Complex

Date: 10.11.2021 - 12.11.2021 

City: Volgograd - information about city

Holder: Exhibitions Centre REGION

Topics: Natural Resources, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry, Industrial Exhibitions




Exhibition Sections:

Oil. Gas. Chemistry:

  • Project designs and research developments, new technologies for fuel and energy complex, chemical and oil refining industry, reservoir geology and geophysics
  • Machinery and equipment for oil and gas extraction complex, oil platforms
  • Transportation and storing of oil and gas, transportation, accompanying products, plumbing, water, rail, road transport for raw petroleum and derivatives transportation
  • Construction of oil and gas, chemical and oil refining industry facilities, heavy machinery, heavy machinry and devices, equipment and instruments
  • Instrumentation, oil and gas extraction and processing automation systems
  • Plumbing protection and anticorrosive equipment
  • Energy-saving technologies
  • Equipment for fuel station
  • Finished products of oil and gas processing and chemical industry
  • Firefighting system, overalls for oil and gas complex and chemical industry
  • Machine equipment, systems and technologies for modernization


  • Equipment and technologies for production of minerals open and underground in the ways
  • Concentrating equipment, sorting, crushing
  • Mountain and mine machines and equipment
  • Control and measuring, laboratory equipment
  • Electrotechnical equipment of mines, pits
  • Ventilation of mounting excavations. Gas occurrence monitoring systems for mines
  • Fire-prevention equipment. Safety equipment. Working clothes

"Eco-processing and industrial waste utilization":

  • Scientific research results, technologies, equipment for promotion of environmental security, ecological monitoring of oil and gas extraction and oil-processing plants
  • Treatment, utilization, deactivation and storage of petrochemical wastes

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