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Grocery World - 2017

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6th Specialized Exhibition of Food and Equipment for Food Processing Industry

Date: 26.04.2017 - 29.04.2017 

City: Nizhny Novgorod - information about city
Holder(s): Nizhni Novgorod fair
Topic(s): Agriculture, Food Industry.




Venue: Exhibition Complex "Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka"

Exhibition Sections:


  • Foodstuffs:
    • flour and cereal products
    • bread, pasta and macaroni products
    • milk and dairy products, butter, ice cream
    • vegetable oils
    • meat and meat products
    • fish and seafood
    • sugar, confectionery
    • alcoholic beverages
    • food concentrates, soups, extracts
    • baby food, diet and diabetic products
    • soy products
    • soft drinks, juices
    • tea, coffee, cocoa
    • fruits, vegetables and berries, canned products
    • nuts and dried fruits
    • frozen food
    • semi-finishes foods
    • honey, bee products
  • Food ingredients, additives, spices:
    • herbs, spices, seasonings, sauces
    • food additives
    • flavors
    • concentrates

Food industry equipment:

  • Equipment for food and beverages production:
    • equipment for meat, sausages and semi-finished products production
    • equipment for fish and seafood processing
    • machines and units for the production of dairy products
    • equipment for grain and flour processing, for bakery and macaroni production, mini-plants, bakeries
    • confectionery equipment
    • equipment for oilseeds processing and oil production
    • equipment for fruits and vegetables processing
    • equipment for canned and preserved foods production
    • equipment for beer, alcoholic and soft drinks production
    • equipment for functional and dietary foods production
    • equipment for coffee and tea manufacturing
  • Refrigeration:
    • industrial refrigeration, freezing (unfreezing) equipment
    • refrigeration units and compressors
    • ventilation and air conditioning
  • Control, measuring and analytical equipment:
    • laboratory equipment
    • test equipment
  • Commercial equipment, HoReCa:
    • shop equipment, equipment for catering facilities (bars, restaurants, fast food)
  • Warehouse and production logistics:
    • storage equipment and materials handling equipment
    • machines and equipment for storage and transportation
    • conveyor systems

Labeling. Packing. Weighing equipment:

  • Labels, printing
  • Marking and bar coding
  • Packaging and supplies
  • Modern technologies and equipment for packaging food and beverages
  • Filling, dosing equipment
  • Weighing equipment and systems
  • Tares

Additional information:

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