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MPIRES - Foreign Real Estate - 2020. Spring

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9th International Exhibition of Foreign Real Estate

Date: 13.03.2020 - 14.03.2020 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: VPI Expo

Topic: Municipal Management

"MPIRES - Foreign Real Estate - 2020. Spring" exhibition news, 25-Feb-2020

Announce: On March 13 and 14 the 9th international exhibition of overseas property "MPIRES - Foreign Real Estate - 2020. Spring" will be held at the Moscow Expocentre, will traditionally showcase all types of foreign real estate.

On March 13 and 14 the 9th international exhibition of overseas property "MPIRES" will be held at the Moscow Expocentre (Russia). Moscow’s Premiere International Real Estate Show "MPIRES" will traditionally showcase all types of foreign real estate: apartments and mansions, country villas and estates, resort studios, luxury apartments and land plots, residential and commercial real estate at the initial stage of development and much more.

Offers from more than 30 countries of the world will be presented by well-known companies, such as:

  • Renowned international company - Moscow Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Famous companies of Cyprus - Prime Property and Aristo Developers
  • Development and construction company in the elite segment of Cyprus - Cybarco
  • Recognized expert on the Greek real estate market - Grekodom
  • Renowned and reliable developer of Turkey - Yekta Homes
  • Italian real estate masters from Sardinia - Is Molas
  • As well as such well-known companies as: Stay Property (Turkey), V2 Development (Greece), Cosmopolitan Properties (Spain), Century 21 Canada (Canada), and many other companies from Greece, Italy , Spain, Cyprus, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, etc. (more than 30 countries) come to Moscow to participate at "MPIRES" exhibition to conduct individual consultations with visitors

Visitors will be able to get comprehensive answers to their questions regarding the purchase and rental of residential and commercial real estate abroad, investing in overseas real estate, obtaining a residence permit abroad, etc.

An important element of the exhibition is the business program, which is organized with the largest portal for overseas property - Prian.ru. Below are some of the topics that will be discussed as part of the business program:

  • Moving abroad and its connection with the purchase of real estate
  • "Golden Visas" of Europe - rules and changes
  • Residence permit or Citizenship - what is the difference
  • Residence permit and Turkish citizenship - rules, opportunities, alternatives
  • Unexpected and traditional opportunities for immigration
  • Investment opportunities of overseas property
  • Who and under what conditions will help to rent out your property
  • Current profitability of real estate in Germany
  • Basic rules for the purchase and maintenance of rental real estate
  • Commercial or residential properties - which brings more revenue today

Moscow overseas property exhibition "MPIRES" is held with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Honored guests and official representatives from Greece, Cyprus and many other countries are expected.


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