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TransCaspian - 2005

On April 22, the 4th Azerbaijan International Exhibition on Transportation and Logistics TransCaspian 2005 finished its work in Baku. The exhibition was held on April 20 through 22 in the Sports-Exhibition Complex after Heydar Aliyev.

On the eve of the exhibition a press-conference was held dedicated to the opening of the exhibition. Speaking at the press-conference about the priority status of the transportation sector in Azerbaijan, the National Secretary on Azerbaijan of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA Mr. Akif Mustafayev cited the President of the Republic. Thus, every transportation exhibition is very useful for the country by attracting attention to it. The leading world companies-participants of the exhibition get a chance of making a closer acquaintance with the economy of Azerbaijan and investing in the country. "We wish the forthcoming exhibitions attract companies dealing with multimodal transportation and logistics. These directions are the main ones in the transportation sector as the Republic is in need of constructing hangars and terminals."

The official opening of the exhibition took place with participation of the Deputy Transportation Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Musa Panahov, the Secretary General of the Permanent Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA Mrs. Lyudmila Trenkova, the Vise-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Mehman Ahmedov, and the Director of the Iteca Caspian company Mr. Farid Mamedov.

Mr. Panahov said that owing to the geographical location of Azerbaijan the international channels (North-South, East-West) pass through the territory of the country. "Nowadays, the transportation infrastructure of the Republic is actively developing. Over 35 million ton of freight has been delivered along the mentioned channel with various transporation means. After the North-South project is implemented the volume of freight deliveries will increase still more. I am sure that in this regard, TRANSCASPIAN will promote development of the transportation sector of Azerbaijan" said Mr. Panahov.

After the solemn opening ceremony a VIP tour round the Exhibition was held with participation of representatives of state organs, embassies, large companies and press.

Within the three days of its work the exhibition was visited by more than 3700 visitors. The geography of the visitors included specialists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries and Europe. During the first two days of the exhibition was open for professional visitors. According to the statistics of computer registration the majority of visitors was made up by directors of transporting companies and transportation department managers of oil companies, as well as by heads of representative offices of foreign companies, distributors of transportation materials and equipment and so on.

On April 22, the exhibition was visited by the participants of the fourth annual meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission of TRACECA which was held in the capital-city in the meantime. Among them were: the Deputy Transportation Minister of Turkey Mr. Barish Tozar, the National Secretary on Azerbaijan in TRACECA Mr. Akif Mustafayev, the Deputy Transportation Minister of Kirghizia Mr. Aziat Adjikeyev, and others.


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