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Exhibition Centre "Expo-Volga"

Image of Exhibition Centre

Address: Russia, Samara, Michurin st., 23 ј.

Exhibition Center is equipped with the latest technical facilities.
The free planning of the space.
The total floor space of the complex (together with the administrative premises) - 8600 sq.m.
Specialized exhibition hall - 4000 sq.m
Open air floor space - 3000 sq.m
The hall accommodates up to 1500 people and can be used for concerts, shows, conferences, seminars, presentations.
In the office part of the complex two conference halls are located with the floor space 75 and 50 sq.m.


How to get

Venue access:

Buses єє 22, 31, 56; trolley buses єє 4, 16; marshrootkas єє 4, 22, 56, 216. to the stop "Ulitsa Chelluskintsev".