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YarMishka - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

4th Family Festival of Goods and Services for Expectant Mothers, Children and Parents

Date: 15.10.2010 - 17.10.2010 

City: Yaroslavl - information about city

Holder: Company "Infocom"

Topics: Consumer Goods, Society, Sport, Tourism, Hobbies and Entertainments


Venue: Exhibition center on the Great October

Festival aims:

  1. Creation of unified information space in the sphere of providing different services and manufacturing of goods for children's development and education
  2. Information support for parents, helping them to bring up, develop and educate their children

Festival goals:

  1. Creation conditions for interaction and cooperation between parents and institutions, providing children's upbringing and education services
  2. Presentation and promotion of the best up-to-date experience in the field of educational services
  3. Providing information about the market of different services in the fields of: tourism, public health care, insurance, city social services
  4. Presentation of industrial goods for children of different age
  5. Assistance in building up and development of civilized regulations for recreation and entertainment organization; promotion of park and game activity
  6. Promotion of cultural rest for children - museums, theaters
  7. Information support for parents by means of educational, developing and cognitive literature presentation
  8. Support of national manufacturers of goods for children, presentation of their products
  9. Helping Yaroslavl business in developing and expanding the sector of services and goods for children

Exhibition Sections:

  • Educational services
  • Educational, developing and cognitive literature, goods for school
  • Tourism:
    • autumn and winter holidays
    • rest with children
    • rest + education
  • Medical goods and services
  • Social protection and insurance services
  • Art of entertainment:
    • children's and family entertainment
    • children's programs
  • Goods for children:
    • sports equipment
    • furniture, toys
    • clothes, footwear
  • Baby food of national and foreign manufacturers
  • Goods for expectant mothers and newborns

Additional information: