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BIT - 2019

Attention! The event is over.

International Forum "Business & IT. Around DC. Around Cloud. Around IoT. Around IP"

Date: 21.03.2019 - 21.03.2019 

City: Tbilisi - information about city

Holder: CIS Events Group

Topic: Information Technologies and Communications


"BIT - 2019" is the event є 1 in the domestic market of Infocommunications. The event covers all issues related to data centers, modern communication services, cloud computing, the Internet of things and the use of it services in business processes (solutions, services, products, technologies and expertise).

What is "BIT - 2019"?

  • Relevant topics and nontrivial issues.
    The event will cover all issues related to data centers, modern information and communication services, the Internet of things, cloud computing and practical application of IT solutions in business processes
  • Professional and active audience
  • Full program: exhibition, presentations, discussions
  • Unforgettable atmosphere and lively dialogue

Exhibition Sections:

  • Cloud technologies for business:
    • advantages of cloud technologies for business
    • role and place of cloud technologies in IT strategy
    • prospects of using public clouds for business
    • cloud CRM systems and applications
    • effective collaboration with the cloud
    • SLA in public clouds
    • evaluate the cost of ownership of your cloud infrastructure
    • development of cloud technologies
    • experience in building and operating a private cloud
    • experience building and using a hybrid cloud
  • Business and IT:
    • improving the efficiency of the company with the help of modern information technologies and solutions
    • usage of universal means of communication (unified communications, IP-telephony)
    • modern business processes and IT
    • economic and legal aspects
    • improved availability of corporate resources and increased IT infrastructure resiliency
    • the practice of using it services for a distributed company
  • IT services for business:
    • data storage as a service
    • services for the smooth operation of the corporate network
    • services provided by data centers for business
  • CCTVoIP (video surveillance):
    • video surveillance components (SD and HD)
    • video surveillance network design tools
    • video buffering, storage and analysis tools
    • experience in the implementation CCTVoIP for a variety of applications
  • Information security:
    • intrusion prevention technologies
    • physical security solutions for IT
    • abuse practices and analysis
    • audit of resources and communication costs
    • administration services outsourcing
  • Data storage:
    • structured cabling systems for DSS
    • local area networks for DSS
    • building modern data storage systems
    • secure data storage, network data (SAN), or network storage devices (NAS))
    • disaster recovery
  • Data center and server rooms:
    • architectural design and construction of data centers
    • selection of premises and sites for it infrastructure placement
    • engineering infrastructure design
    • promising solutions for data center cable infrastructure and modern buildings
    • modular and container data centers
    • reliable and economical power supply and cooling
    • usage of innovative technologies in the construction of cooling systems
    • renewable energy source
    • "green" technology
    • infrastructure for management and monitoring
    • automation and dispatching of engineering systems
    • fire safety and access control systems
    • security systems, protection of networks and resources from theft and attacks
  • Wireless technology:
    • standards, technologies and solutions (Wi - Fi, WiMAX)
    • building local and distributed wireless networks
    • design and legislation
    • information security
    • components and solutions for antenna-feeder devices
    • testing and diagnostics
  • VoIP (voice over IP):
    • components of VoIP solutions
    • integration with traditional telephony
    • experience in the design and implementation of VoIP
    • VoIP and UC-what are the differences and what they give
    • preparation of LAN for VoIP implementation
    • VoIP security
  • V2oIP (voice and video):
    • video, video conferencing, telepresence systems
    • practice of designing audio and video systems of conference rooms and meeting rooms
    • Central equipment of corporate and operator HQs
    • integration of video with UC
    • operator services
    • experience in implementing video and video conferencing systems
  • Internet of things (IoT):
    • smart solutions for businesses and transformation into digital form
    • smart solutions-home, city, cars, energy, enterprise, agriculture
    • Internet of things to improve production efficiency
    • industrial Internet of things-platforms and solutions for building and applying IoT in enterprises: from sensors to "clouds"
    • Analytics and data processing in IoT
    • IoT and industrial Internet of things security

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