Building. Special Machinery. Communication - for an Oil and Gas Complex - 2022

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Interregional Specialized Exhibition

Date: 04.10.2022 - 05.10.2022 

City: Nizhnevartovsk - information about city

Holder: SibExpoService

Topics: Building and real estate, Petrolium, Gas, Chemistry




Exhibition Sections:


  • Construction, design of buildings, prefabricated structures, mobile structures, shift settlements
  • Construction materials, equipment, machinery, tools. New construction technologies
  • Finishing material. Woodworking. windows, doors. Overalls and means of protection
  • Engineering networks and communications. Electricity, heat, gas, water, sewerage, ventilation
  • Energy-saving technologies and equipment and materials
  • Boiler, pumping equipment. Metering and control devices, innovative technologies
  • Electrical engineering. Hydro -, heat -, sound insulation materials
  • Accomplishment of territory. Security, alarm, fire safety
  • Real estate in Russia and abroad. Investment. Mortgage

Special machinery:

  • Industrial machinery. Construction equipment. Drilling equipment. Road construction equipment. Lifting equipment. Equipment for laying utility lines and pipelines. Municipal vehicles. Special transport. Warehouse equipment. Auto parts and service
  • Monitoring. Systems of protection, tracking, video surveillance, communication, alarm systems in transport. Fuel control
  • Construction of roads, bridges, tunnels. Maintenance of roads
  • Rental of machinery and equipment Leasing. Transport, logistics services. Vehicle insurance


  • Means and systems of all types of communication. Telecommunications and telecommunication equipment
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, services and communications
  • Technologies, systems and equipment of telephone, radio, satellite communications, navigation systems
  • Information technology. IT systems and equipment. Internet services

Additional information: