Construction Industry. Modern House - 2013

Attention! The event is over.

15th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 18.04.2013 - 20.04.2013 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holder: Parade-Expo

Topic: Building and real estate




Venue: Sports Palace "Spartak"

Goals of the enterprises participating in the exhibition:

  1. To familiarize themselves with the new markets
  2. To position and present new products on the market
  3. To increase sales volumes
  4. To familiarize themselves with the new buyers' groups
  5. To check competitiveness
  6. To exchange experience
  7. To determine the price range
  8. To establish the sales network
  9. To meet their competitors
  10. To arrange cooperation with press
  11. To analyze consumer demand
  12. To verify the range acceptability on the market
  13. To collect new market data

Goals of organizers and co-organizers (state authorities, public associations):

  1. To join efforts of the state authorities and business community with a view of attracting investments in the region
  2. To establish a platform for constructive dialogue between experts of the construction industry
  3. To contribute to development of the medium-sized and small business
  4. To enhance investment attractiveness of the region
  5. To attract potential investors in the region
  6. To extend cooperation relations of organizations, enterprises, firms and investors
  7. To develop construction industry of the region
  8. To promote advanced equipment and technologies
  9. To present the existing regional (urban) programs for environmental protection and construction sector development; to contribute to the innovative, investment, engineering, power and transport support

Goals of the exhibition host (LLC "Parad-Expo"):

  1. To provide the necessary conditions for fruitful work of the exhibition participants
  2. To promote establishment of partnership and contractual relations
  3. To provide heads of enterprises with the possibility to assess competitiveness of the products (equipment, technology) presented at the exhibition with the similar products used in their manufacturing processes
  4. To allow the exhibition participants ensure efficient PR for their companies using the exhibition technologies
  5. To organize business communication of representatives of the participant companies with heads of the state authorities and the leading experts of the construction complex within the exhibition
  6. To provide the optimal conditions for serving commercial interests of the exhibition participants
  7. To popularize exhibitions as an important economic tool of the marketing policy and tactics

Exhibition Sections:

"Construction industry":

  • Construction:
    • new technologies in construction
    • rapidly erected buildings and structures
    • architectural and engineering design
    • multistory large-panel and frame house building
    • low-height housing construction, construction of country houses, villas
    • engineering support, construction and erection organizations
  • Construction materials, equipment:
    • energy-saving construction materials and equipment
    • dry pack mortars
    • wall, floor and ceiling coverings
    • ceramic tile, stone articles, facing materials
    • paints and varnishes
    • profiled flooring
    • sandwich panels
    • concrete products
    • brick
    • facade
    • roofing
    • water-proofing, thermal and sound-insulating materials
    • lighting fixtures, energy-saving lamps
  • Construction machinery, equipment, tools:
    • road-building, handling machinery
    • lifting-and-conveying machinery
    • equipment for manufacturing of construction materials
    • construction tools, fasteners, metal goods
    • towers, platforms, stepladders
  • Landscape construction:
    • winter gardens
    • bathhouses, saunas
    • artificial water basins, fountains, waterfalls, swimming pools
    • pavilions, children's playgrounds
    • gates, fences
    • hard landscaping
    • park and garden furniture, equipment, accessories
    • lanterns, lighting fixtures
  • Security:
    • environmental safety
    • fire-extinguishing, smoke removal, alarm systems
    • building automation and security
    • labor protection in construction
    • work wear and personal protection equipment
  • Services:
    • engineering
    • construction
    • design
    • repairs
    • crediting, mortgage
    • insurance

"Modern House":

  • Modern utility systems, automated management systems:
    • heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems
    • boiler equipment
    • pipes, pipelines
    • pumps
    • radiators
    • treatment and filtration systems
    • automated building management systems
    • "Smart home" system
    • electrical equipment
    • security systems
  • Window systems:
    • window and profile systems, window hardware
    • energy-saving windows
    • architectural glass and facades
    • roller shutters
  • Sanitary ware, bathroom interior:
    • interior sanitary ware
    • bathroom ceramics
    • shower and steam cabins, hydro massage bathtubs
    • bathroom furniture and accessories
  • Ceramic tile and stone:
    • ceramic tile, mosaic
    • natural and artificial atone
    • hard landscaping
  • Floor coverings:
    • parquet
    • laminated flooring
    • cork flooring
    • linoleum
    • carpeting
    • flooring accessories
  • Wallpaper:
    • wallpaper glues
    • components for facade works
  • Paints:
    • architectural and interior paints
    • impregnation compounds and coatings
    • decorative plasters
    • enamels
    • varnishes
    • decorative coatings
    • painting equipment
  • Doors and hardware:
    • entrance and interior doors
    • door partitions
    • locks
    • locking systems and hardware
  • Interior:
    • apartment design
    • furniture
    • decor items and accessories
    • interior textile
    • artificial and natural stone in interior
    • light solutions in interior
    • curtains
    • jalousie
    • curtain rods
    • forged products
    • stairs
    • fireplaces

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