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Education - Investments into Success - 2013

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition

Date: 02.10.2013 - 04.10.2013 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holder: Parade-Expo

Topic: Society


Venue: Sport and Entertainment Complex "Zvyozdniy"

The exhibition shall demonstrate the possibilities of getting high quality education in and outside the region; assist the youth in choosing their future specialty; facilitate cooperation of employers and educational institutions. Roundtable discussions, workshops and other related events shall be held within the exhibition. Organizers of the exhibition attach great importance to this exhibition event and invite everyone to demonstrate the utmost potential of their institution at this event.

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Contribution to improvement of the education system
  2. Presentation of the new educational and management technology, innovative pedagogical projects
  3. Display of the results of implementation of the National Priority Project "Education" in all areas and at all levels of the domestic education

Exhibition Sections:

  • Education. Career. Success:
    • general education institutions
    • primary education institutions
    • secondary vocational education institutions
    • higher vocational education institutions
    • training and retraining courses
    • employment centers and recruitment agencies
  • Education industry:
    • training and laboratory equipment
    • furniture for school and pre-school institutions
    • demonstration equipment
    • sports equipment
    • security of educational institutions
    • psychological and medical centers
    • fitness centers
    • loan programs for education
    • fashion for students and schoolchildren
    • school supplies and stationery
    • training and brain games
    • educational material, electronic library
    • educational tourism
  • Information technology in education:
    • educational process software
    • modern Internet technology
    • remote learning systems
    • equipment for computer lecture halls and school classes
    • communications facilities

Additional information: