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Elegant - 2007

Attention! The event is over.

Caucasian International Exhibition-Fair of Textile and Leather

Date: 29.05.2007 - 31.05.2007 

City: Tbilisi - information about city

Holder: "East Exhibit Line Company" LTD

Topic: Consumer Goods


Exhibition Sections:

  • Textiles:
    • textile yarn and thread
    • artificial synthetic materials
    • asbest yarn
    • dyes for leather and yarn
    • fabrics (silk, wool, cotton, velvet, velour, flax, etc.)
    • knitted wear etc.
    • household textile products
    • decorative-household utensils
    • clothes (men's, women's, children's, sports, etc.)
    • textile products for technical needs
  • Leather:
    • leather for footwear
    • leather for clothes
    • leather for furniture
    • leather fancy goods
    • natural leather products
    • artificial leather products
    • patent leather products
    • suede products
    • leather products (fur coats, gloves, wallets, jackets, etc.)
    • leather footwear (men's, women's, children's, sports, etc.)
  • Household devices and equipment:
    • sewing machines and accessories
    • ironing equipment and accessories, etc.
    • shoe mini-factories and accessories, etc.
    • small-sized installations for fancy good production
    • chemical means for textile and leather processing and clearing, etc.

Additional information: