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Energy and Resource Saving - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

13th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 26.05.2010 - 28.05.2010 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holder: Apex

Topics: Municipal Management, Industrial Exhibitions


Exhibition Sections:

  • Production of instruments for energy auditing centers, diagnostic and heat engineering laboratories, operational safety and process control departments
  • Production of automated systems and means of control and metering of energy, water, and heat consumption
  • Gas engineering and heating equipment
  • Electrical stations
  • Energy saving light sources
  • Alternative light sources
  • Start-control devices for different light sources
  • Automated systems of outdoor lighting management and architectural buildings illumination
  • Automated systems of ventilation, power supply, sewerage
  • Production of air drawoffs and water heaters
  • Pumping equipment, filters
  • Systems of autonomous, reserve, emergency energy saving
  • Sensors and automated control systems
  • Development and realization of programs on energy saving at enterprises and plants
  • Production of lamps and lighting equipment
  • Cabling and wiring products

Additional information: