EcoGorodExpo - 2021, June 4 - 5, Moscow

Flower Show - 2021

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Specialized Exhibition

Date: 21.04.2021 - 25.04.2021 

City: Belgorod - information about city

Holder: "Belexpocentr"

Topics: Consumer Goods, Sport, Tourism, Hobbies and Entertainments




Venue: Exhibition Complex "Belexpocentre"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. Saturation of the consumer market of the region with high-quality planting material
  2. Expansion of trade and economic relations, establishment of new business contacts

Exhibition Sections:

  • Seedlings of fruit trees and shrubs
  • Ornamental plants, seed
  • Pot and perennial flowers
  • Fertilizers, plant-protecting agents
  • Lawn and gardening tools
  • Greenhouses and hothouses, covering material
  • Technology and equipment for park and garden management
  • Household items, special clothes
  • Furnaces and fireplaces. Barbecue and all the rest
  • Elements of decorative garden decoration
  • Power tools, appliances, and power plants
  • Heating systems for cottages and country houses, radiators
  • Country houses, fences, wood processing
  • Feed, medicine and care items for Pets and poultry
  • Gardening, horticulture, bee-farming products

Additional information: