EcoGorodExpo - 2021, June 4 - 5, Moscow

FoodTech Krasnodar - 2021

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Exhibition of Equipment, Materials and Ingredients for Food and Beverages

Date: 22.04.2021 - 24.04.2021 

City: Krasnodar - information about city

Holder: MVK - International Exhibition Company

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: Exhibition complex "Expograd Yug"

Exhibition Sections:

  • The equipment for food production:
    • equipment for the production of meat, sausage products and semi-finished products
    • equipment for the production of dairy products and cheeses
    • equipment for production of bread and pasta products
    • confectionery equipment
    • equipment for the production of canned products and preserves
    • equipment for processing raw materials and food production for small farms (farmers)
  • The equipment for manufacture of beverages:
    • equipment for the production of beer and soft drinks
    • equipment for the production of still and sparkling wines
    • equipment for the production of cognac
    • filtration equipment
  • Ingredients for the food industry:
    • flavors
    • ingredients to change product appearance
    • ingredients to control the taste and smell
    • ingredients to increase the safety of the product
    • complex food additives
    • fatty foods
    • other raw ingredients and components
    • ingredients for beverages
  • Packaging equipment and materials. Weight equipment:
    • packaging materials and consumables
    • tare, packaging
    • labels, printing
    • dosing system
    • bottling, packaging
    • equipment for marking and labelling
    • weighing equipment and systems
  • Refrigeration equipment:
    • industrial cold, freezing (defrosting) equipment
    • refrigerating and compressor installations
    • ventilation and climate control
  • Components and materials for the food industry:
    • laboratory equipment
    • instrumentation
    • components, machinery and materials for food industry; pipes, fittings
    • pumps, pumping equipment; water treatment and purification; compressors
    • cleaning equipment
    • washing equipment; DDD (disinfection, disinsection, deratization)
  • Warehouse equipment:
    • pallet, cantilever, and mobile racking for warehouse
    • universal shelving racks; collapsible, mobile shelving storage products
    • loaders
  • Equipment for catering companies, retail chains:
    • the equipment for the enterprises of the food
    • the trading equipment
    • refrigeration equipment
    • neutral equipment
    • equipment for fast food

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