Gardener and Farmer - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

10th Specialized Exhibition-Fair

Date: 10.10.2008 - 14.10.2008 

City: Moscow - information about city

Holder: Organizing Technical Centre "Interopttorg"

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: VDNH

Exhibition-Fair "Gardener and Farmer" is held as part of Russian agroindustrial exhibition-fair "Golden Automn".

Exhibition Sections:

  • Small agricultural machinery
  • Horticultural tools and household implements
  • Electrotools
  • Equipment for individual houses building, wooden houses and baths
  • Cottage ground plant growing (seeds, saplings)
  • Fertilizers and plant protection means
  • Hothouses
  • Covering materials
  • Furniture for summer houses, gardens, and parks
  • Vehicles
  • Filters and pumps
  • Stoves and fireplaces
  • Electrical appliances and small size power plants
  • Garden decorative elements
  • Consumer goods
  • Specialized literature
  • Products, produced by peasants and farmers

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