Healthy Lifestyle and Longevity in the Yaroslav Region - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition-Forum

Date: 08.10.2010 - 10.10.2010 

City: Yaroslavl - information about city

Holder: "Pro-Line"

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: Exhibition center on the Great October

Exhibition Sections:

  • Medical facilities, sanatoria and resort treatment and insurance:
    • multiple-discipline medical centers
    • specialized clinics
    • laboratory and diagnostic centers
    • medical appliances and medical products
    • equipment, instruments, diagnostics
    • expendable products, medical clothes
    • sanatoria, preventative clinics
    • insurance companies
    • public medical organizations
  • Healthy food:
    • dietetic, baby, functional, sports, medical nutrition
    • ecologically clean products, mineral waters
    • natural live juices
    • technologies and equipment for water cleaning
    • gifts of nature, beekeeping products
  • Reconstructive medicine:
    • diagnostical devices
    • medical knitted wear, orthopedic products
    • sanitary and hygiene means
    • rehabilitation equipment
    • hearing apparatuses
    • massage apparatuses
    • physiotherapeutic equipment
    • massage armchairs, tables, accessories
    • body care apparatuses
    • mini and phyto saunas, baths, accessories, mini-pools
    • hydromassage equipment
    • solaria and infrared cabins
    • air cleaners, air ionizers
  • Pharmacy. Natural drugstore:
    • modern pharmaceutical preparations
    • medical cosmetology
    • professional means for hair, face, and body care
    • acupuncture, computer and apparative diagnostics
    • apparatuses for body correction
    • solaria, suntan means, glasses
    • phytopreparations and food additives
    • vitamins and mineral complexes
    • aromatherapy, natural oils, extracts, essencies
  • Fitness:
    • sports equipment and accessories
    • exercise machines
    • sports and medical equipment
    • domestic devises of health improving
  • Health of mother and child:
    • services and goods for future mothers and children

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