Building Industry. Housing and Public Utilities - 2011

Attention! The event is over.

13th Specialized Exhibition

Date: 30.03.2011 - 01.04.2011 

City: Astrakhan - information about city

Holder: Parade-Expo

Topics: Building and real estate, Business, Economics, Finances, Safety, Municipal Management




Venue: Sports Palace "Spartak"

Exhibition Goals:

  1. To promote development of building branch of the Astrakhan region by means of Demonstrations of advanced technologies, know-how, innovative developments, modern equipment and materials
  2. To show to experts of corresponding industries, Visited the exhibition, wide spectrum of equipment and services presented by the enterprises, scientific institutions, firms-exhibitors
  3. To create for participants of exhibition necessary conditions for their fruitful work
  4. To promote establishment of partner communications and contractual relations
  5. To give opportunity to heads of the enterprises to make an estimation of competitiveness of production presented at an exhibition (equipment, technologies) with the similar production used in the manufactures
  6. Using exhibition technologies, to give possibility to participants to organize effective Public Relations of their companies
  7. To organize during exhibition business dialogue of representatives of firms-participants with heads of state structures: administrations of the Astrakhan region and the city, the State Duma of the Astrakhan region, leading experts of building complex
  8. To create optimum conditions for realization by participants of an exhibition of the commercial interests

Exhibition Sections:

  • Building materials:
    • ferro-concrete products
    • sound isolation materials
    • roofing materials
    • heat isolation materials
    • front materials
    • waterproofing materials
    • dry mixes
    • saw-timbers
    • сoncrete, particle board, a brick
    • dry building mixes
    • building materials stores
    • equipment for manufacture of building materials
  • Finishing materials:
    • paint and varnish materials
    • wallpaper
    • fixing products
    • gypsum cardboard
    • doors, windows
    • stained-glass windows
    • floor coverings
    • sealants
    • molded products
    • ceramic tile
    • facing stone
    • finishing materials stores
  • Building equipment:
    • sanitary equipment
    • hydraulic equipment
    • woodworking equipment
    • pumping equipment
    • polymer coating equipment
  • Building tools:
    • abrasive tools
    • woodworking tools
    • measuring tools
    • paint tools
    • metal cutting tools
    • hand tools
  • Building techniques:
    • concrete pumps, mixers
    • cement carrier
    • pipe layers
    • tipper
    • crane machinery
  • Interior design. Exterior:
    • interior stairs
    • fencing
    • forged products
    • ceramics
    • jalousie, roll shutters
    • fife places
  • Building operations:
    • woodworking
    • roofing
    • repair and decoration
    • facade work
    • electrical work
  • Construction of buildings:
    • architecture
    • industrial building
    • housing building
    • building of bathhouses (saunas)
    • new building
    • mortgage
  • Landscape design:
    • architecture design
    • building design
    • landscape architecture
    • gardening
    • gardening supplies
    • garden equipment
    • garden sculpture, benches, pergolas, awnings
    • watering systems, drainage, lighting
    • art forging and casting
    • ceramics and mosaics in the landscape
  • Housing and communal services - diagnostic equipment for municipal services, underground utilities, electricity, water utilities, sewage treatment plants:
    • technical means for the engineering infrastructure in towns and cities (heating, electricity, gas, water, sewerage)
    • engineering networks
    • heat and energy saving materials and technologies
    • water cleaning and treatment
    • filtration equipment from household to industrial installations
    • equipment for water purification
    • water supply systems
    • heat supply systems
    • individual heating supply systems
    • heating systems
    • boilers and boiler equipment
    • water heaters, steam generators
    • electric heating appliances
    • air heaters
    • gas heaters, convectors
    • ventilation equipment
    • distribution systems
    • smoke extraction
    • heat and noise insulation
    • climatic equipment
    • refrigeratory automatics
    • automation of engineering systems
    • engineering services
    • underwater-technical work
    • installation of climate systems
    • installation of water supply systems
    • installation of heating systems
    • technical examination of buildings
    • fire safety systems and alarms systems
    • reconstruction of buildings
    • valves and heat exchangers
    • valves and heat exchangers
    • construction of pipeline systems
    • equipment and tools for outdoor beautification and landscaping
    • recycling technology
    • municipal machinery and equipment(service and repair for trucks, car lifts, garbage trucks, snow machines, sweepers, attachments)
    • machinery and equipment for repair and cleaning of buildings (mast platform for facade work, lifts, truck, equipment for cleaning of buildings, repair equipment, machinery and equipment for reconstruction of buildings)
    • passenger and freight elevators
    • lifts for the disabled, lift equipment
    • modern dispatching system of lifts
    • diagnosis, repair, installation, adjustment, replacement and repair of elevators
    • emergency life-support systems of industrial and housing facilities in extreme climatic conditions
    • technologies and services for effective management of housing and communal services
  • Energy saving:
    • energy-efficient and energy saving technologies и equipment for the production and transmission of electricity, heat and water
    • energy-efficient technologies in industry, railway transport, agriculture, building and other industries
    • devices and systems of counting of fuel, heat and electric power, water
    • cables
    • electrical and lighting equipment
    • engineering communications
    • equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • energy efficient home: materials, constructions, equipment (windows, doors, insulation)
    • energy management, energy audit

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