Нефть и газ, химия. ТЭК - 2024
Нефть и газ, химия. ТЭК - 2024

Hunting. Fishing. Active Rest - 2010

Attention! The event is over.

3rd Interregional Exhibition-Show

Date: 02.04.2010 - 04.04.2010 

City: Yaroslavl - information about city

Holder: "Pro-Line"

Topic: Sport, Tourism, Hobbies and Entertainments


Exhibition Sections:

  • Technical and transport means for hunting, fishing, active rest and tourism:
    • offroadsters
    • jet ski
    • 4-wheelers
    • motor-boats, boats, amphibian vehicles
  • Special clothes and equipment for hunters and fishermen
  • Outfit and equipment for hunting, fishing, and tourism:
    • echo sounders
    • GPS-navigation
    • optical devices
    • protection means
  • Equipment and accessories for sports shooting and hunting:
    • pneumatic weapons
    • bows
    • crossbows
    • cold steel
  • Hunting dogs breeding
  • Sports and recreation camps, paintball clubs, hunting and fishing bases
  • Public fishing, hunting, tourist organizations and associations
  • Nature products and trophies, taxidermy
  • Specialized mass media and literature
  • Natural resources protection and rational use

Additional information: