ExpoCoating Moscow - 2024
ExpoCoating Moscow - 2024

Stationery and School Equipment - 2008

Attention! The event is over.

International Exhibition-Fair of Stationery and School Equipment

Date: 30.05.2008 - 01.06.2008 

City: Tbilisi - information about city

Holder: "East Exhibit Line Company" LTD

Topics: Consumer Goods, Furniture and Office Equipment, HoReCa


Exhibition Sections:

  • School facilities:
    • desks, school tables, chairs, blackboards etc.
    • devices for computer classrooms
    • equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, geography etc. classrooms
    • devices for phonetic-linguistic laboratories (tape recorders, voice recorders, slide projectors, audio and video systems)
    • equipment for drawing classrooms
  • Office equipment:
    • office furniture
    • office facilities (computers, scanners, printers etc.)
  • Stationery:
    • exercise books, notebooks, albums, binders, files etc.
    • pensils, pens, felt-tip pens, markers, calendars etc.
    • writing sets, rulers, punches, staplers, antistaplers
    • brushes, paints, pastels, pins, clips, rubbers
    • paper for drawing, drafting, printing, different size and form
    • calculators, watches
    • glues, floppy disks, chalk, compact disks etc.

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