Yaroslavl Center of Scientific and Technical Information

Image of Yaroslavl Center of Scientific and Tecnical Information

Address: 2a, Lenin avenue, Yaroslavl city, Russia.

Yaroslavl Center of Scientific and Technical Information (CNTI) is one of the largest exhibition centers in the region, in which interregional and international exhibitions on various topics, presentations, conferences, symposiums etc. are held regularly.

The building of CNTI is located in the city center on the bank of the Volga river. In order to carry out exhibitions and other events, CNTI has well equipped exhibition grounds of the total area 1000 sq.m. (equipment of the firm "Const"), conference halls for 108 and 540 seats, offices for conducting negotiations, modern technical means. There is a bar in CNTI building.

The following services are available for exhibitors: operational polygraphy, long distance phone communication, facsimile communication, information etc. In the course of exhibitions work the conferences, seminars and "round tables" are held.

Beside exhibitions there is an opportunity to carry out fair-sales.

Exhibitions are accompanied by advertising campaigns with the application of radio, television, newspaper, specialized magazine media, inviting specialists from other regions of Russia. An official catalogue for every exhibition is published.

According to their capabilities, the exhibition halls of Yaroslavl CNTI are the ones of the best in the region.


How to get

Venue access:

  • from railway station "Yaroslavl - Glavny" - by trolleybus є 3 to the bus stop "CNTI"
  • from railway station "Moskovsky" - by trolleybus є 9 to the bus stop "Prospekt Lenina"
  • from Karl Marks square - by trolleybus є 3 or є 4 to the bus stop "CNTI"
  • from Dzerzhinsk district - by trolleybus є 7 to the bus stop "CNTI"