Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology. Kazan - 2021

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Specialized Exhibition

Date: 29.09.2021 - 01.10.2021 

City: Kazan - information about city

Holder: Kazan Fair

Topic: Medicine and Health Care




Venue: Exhibition Centre "Kazanskaya Yarmarka"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Equipment, instruments for plastic surgery, cosmetology, physiotherapy
  • Medical laser systems
  • Mesotherapy, contour plastic, peeling preparations
  • Injection techniques
  • Anti-Aging
  • Cosmetic products for correction of involutional skin changes
  • Suture materials and consumables
  • Implants for plastic surgery
  • Apparatus techniques in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine
  • Services of beauty salons, aesthetic medicine centers and clinics
  • Massage equipment and technology
  • Apparatus and facilities of body shaping
  • Cryomedicine
  • Dermatology and dermatoscopy
  • SPA

Additional information: