Ecology of Big City - 2023

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International Forum

Date: 22.03.2023 - 24.03.2023 

City: Saint-Petersburg - information about city

Holder: "EF-International", LLC

Topics: Natural Resources, Industrial Exhibitions





Exhibition Sections:

  • Environmental activities and services:
    • services in the field of elimination of consequences of pollution and other services related to waste disposal
    • prevention and elimination of the consequences of emergency situations for water bodies and water use
    • rehabilitation of territories and water bodies
    • cleaning water areas and territories from oil pollution/oil spills
    • disinfection of soil and groundwater
    • disinfection of territories and premises of factories, including construction sites
    • rehabilitation of contaminated areas of territories and facilities
    • environmental certification
    • environmental certification of territories/facilities
    • environmental design
    • environmental support for enterprises
    • eco-consulting, environmental audit, environmental expertise, insurance
    • financial, credit and investment support of environmental activities
    • automation and software for environmental protection
  • Environmental monitoring:
    • ambient air monitoring
    • water body monitoring
    • monitoring of groundwater and underground water
    • monitoring of urban green spaces
    • monitoring of noise and electromagnetic radiation
    • radiation monitoring
    • measuring equipment for emission and discharge sources
    • environmental monitoring equipment
    • test equipment
    • EBG laboratory equipment
    • mobile/fixed monitoring stations
  • Waste management: technology, equipment, services:
    • waste collection
    • secondary resource products/waste-free technologies/waste minimization
    • technologies and equipment for waste processing/utilization/disposal; waste recycling
    • storage and handling of waste
    • waste disposal
  • Water supply, sewerage, water preparation and treatment:
    • intake, treatment and distribution of water for domestic and industrial needs
    • wastewater collection and treatment
    • water purification and water treatment for technological, household and drinking needs
    • equipment, technology, materials and reagents for water treatment and purification systems
    • automation of technological processes in water treatment
    • services in the field of water purification and water treatment: water analysis, design of water purification systems, engineering, equipment selection and delivery, equipment installation, service
  • Green technology/Creating comfortable urban environment:
    • development, design, construction and operation according to green standards
    • environmentally friendly materials and technologies in construction
    • energy-efficient and resource-efficient technologies
    • green standards
    • recycling and waste management
    • alternative energy sources

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