Volgograd Education Forum - 2023

Attention! The event is over.

Specialized Exhibition of Educational Institutions, Training and Imaginative Literature, Technologies and Materials for Supporting Learning Process

Date: 22.03.2023 - 24.03.2023 

City: Volgograd - information about city

Holder: Tsarician fair

Topic: Society




Venue: Volgograd Arena

Exhibition Sections:

  • Educational institutions:
    • preschool education
    • general secondary education
    • secondary additional education (children's and teenagers' crafts center, foreign language courses, dance, drama and chorus studios, music schools)
    • children's homes
    • educational institutions for children with disabilities
    • intermediate vocational education
    • higher education
    • postgraduate and additional education (postgraduate studies, business schools, retraining and refresher courses, trainings, seminars)
    • education abroad
    • professional athletic performance
  • Computer application, internetization and automation services for teaching situation
  • Equipment for teaching situation:
    • furniture and fittings for educational institutions
    • laboratory equipment, devices, fittings
    • sports equipment and sports complexes
    • special equipment and furniture for children with disabilities
    • exercisers, education modules, developmental equipment
    • special vehicles for educational institutions
  • Education programs, training and imaginative literature
  • Food:
    • food provision for educational institutions
    • equipment for refectories, diners and quick-service restaurant
  • Children's and uniform for educational institutions
  • Safety systems for educational institutions
  • Employment centers and recruiting agencies
  • Specialized publications and websites

Additional information: