Complex Safety - 2007

Attention! The event is over.

Interregional Exhibition

Date: 05.12.2007 - 07.12.2007 

City: Samara - information about city

Holder: Exhibition Company "Expo-Volga" Ltd.

Topic: Business, Economics, Finances, Safety




Venue: Exhibition Centre "Expo-Volga"

Exhibition Sections:

  • Fire safety systems in buildings and transport
  • Civil defence:
    • technical means of building and transport defence
    • systems of life defence and buildings and transport energetic management
  • Safety in transport
  • Search and save services
  • Technics for search and save units
  • Terrorism control
  • Specialized transport, equipment
  • Detector, prevention, warning and crash liquidation systems
  • Providing private safety and home safety
  • Law-enforcement services technical equipment
  • Official weapons
  • Protection of labour and man's vital activity
  • Means of individual defence
  • Consultations, stuff education
  • Insurance systems

Additional information: