UzProdExpo - 2021

Attention! The event is over.

16th International Exhibition. Food industry. Foodstuffs. Packing

Date: 24.11.2021 - 26.11.2021 

City: Tashkent - information about city

Holder: IEG Uzbekistan

Topic: Agriculture, Food Industry




Venue: OJSC NEC "Uzexpocenter"

The main task of exhibition - to create for the specialists platform for the effective business communication with manufacturers, equipment for processing and storage, to provide, in the framework of the exhibition the whole technological process of food production, from raw material processing to obtain a final Packed product.

Exhibition Sections:

Food industry:

  • Equipment and technologies for meat industry
  • Equipment and technologies for processing of fish and seafood
  • Equipment for milk processing and dairy production
  • Equipment and technologies for processing oilseeds and vegetable oil
  • Equipment and technological lines for processing of grain, flour, manufacture of bakery products
  • Equipment and technological lines for manufacture of confectionery products
  • Equipment for processing of fruits and vegetables and production of canned fruits and vegetables
  • Equipment and technological lines for production of canned meat and fish
  • Equipment for manufacture of alcoholic beverages, beer and soft drinks
  • Equipment for production of baby and dietary food
  • Equipment for the production of snacks, cereal, dried fruit
  • Equipment and technological lines for the production of coffee, tea, tobacco
  • Equipment and technologies for the production of semi-finished and frozen products
  • Integrated engineering solutions
  • Automation of food production
  • Information technology, software, integrated solutions and services for the food industry

Trading equipment, refrigerating equipment:

  • Trade equipment, equipment for public catering establishments (bars, restaurants, fast food)
  • Equipment for shops, cafes and pastry shops, and mobile catering
  • Automation of the process of accounting and logistics goods
  • Industrial cold, freezing (defrosting) equipment
  • Refrigeration units and compressor installations
  • Ventilation and climate control


  • Equipment and technological lines for packing and marking of food products
  • Packaging equipment for liquid, granular and pasty products
  • Equipment for filling, dosing, bottling, capping
  • Packing machine for vegetables and fruits
  • Equipment for marking, labeling, coding
  • Security technologies, bar coding, coating, varnishing, labeling, flexographic printing
  • Control and measuring devices, weighing equipment
  • Machines for blowing and the manufacture of PET-forms
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Label and labeling equipment
  • Packaging plastic, paper and cardboard, glass, metal, industrial and household use
  • Materials based on metals, aluminium foil, tin can lids, screw caps, dispensers
  • Means of closure
  • Auxiliary packaging materials, raw materials and materials for packaging and packaging

Food and beverages:

  • Dairy products. Cheese
  • Meat products and sausages
  • Fish and canned fish
  • Vegetable oils, fats and Margarines
  • Confectionery products. Snacks
  • Canned products
  • Pasta and bakery products
  • Spices, spices, sauces, food additives
  • Food concentrates and ingredients
  • Fast food
  • Frozen products. Semi-finished products. Ready meals
  • Cereals and cereal products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Juices. Water. Soft drinks and energy drinks
  • Fruits and vegetables. Nuts and dried fruits
  • Diet products. Healthy and sports nutrition. Dietary supplements
  • Raw material for the preparation of food
  • Children's food
  • Honey and bee products
  • Halal products
  • Gastronomy. Products for restaurants
  • Foreign national pavilions

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